SinnZeit for young girls, initiation into a new phase of life, youth initiation, meaningful transition into adulthood, from puberty to young women, girls' initiation

"Who am I, how do I want to be and what is my truth?" Have you ever asked yourself that?

In a similar or similar way, other young people also think about the meaning of their life in a time that is mainly filled with less helpful teaching content (for everyday puberty). But what is this time really about? 

The transition from puberty to the young woman is a challenging time with significant mental, physical and emotional changes and the associated questions and uncertainties.
In order to meet these challenges, it is customary in indigenous cultures to choose companions for young people and to strengthen contact with nature in order to find out what you can and what you can from an inner certainty to find a place in the community want to contribute.
The SinnZeit is an accompanied group over a period of one year in which we want to research your questions about getting older together. You experience being together as a safe space for exchange and support for the changes, dreams and fears that you have.

You young people between 12 and 18 years of age and your self-chosen godmothers exchange ideas about the questions of life in our community. What social conditioning and role models do we have and do you want to correspond to them? What is your individual path like?
We look for answers together, connect with nature, and have fun together: cooking by the fire, dancing, singing, painting, testing our skills and celebrating the transition into a new phase of life.
We attach particular importance to the fact that you experience your body positively, develop a loving attitude to your physical changes and strengthen your body awareness.

The goal is to build up a space of trust over the course of the year and, if you want, also by getting to know each other better and also dealing with difficult issues and feelings such as shame, anger and sadness with care.

SinnZeit für Mädchen, Initiation ins Frau-Sein, JugendInitiation, sinnvoller Übergang ins Erwachsenenalter, von der Pubertät zur jungen Frau, Mädcheninitiation

The following content can be part of the SinnZeit:

  • Marking the transition - farewell to childhood
  • Perception and acceptance of one's own body and its changes as well as the feelings and needs associated with it
  • Feeling your own limits and setting them confidently
  • Recognize your own skills and resources
  • Developing independence and the ability to take care of yourself
  • Being a friend to yourself and others - communication and dealing with conflicts among girls
  • Go your own way - make your own decisions and take responsibility for them

How is our time together shaped?

We, as your companions, have a large repertoire of ideas and methods with which we can fill our time together. We work process-oriented and develop from the moment, depending on where you are at the moment, what is moving, what you feel like doing, together an individual plan for each group. We use elements from wilderness education, non-violent communication, creative methods of body perception, plastic and creative work with natural materials and color, dance and acting, as well as creative writing and ritual moments. We playfully explore the topics of getting older and, above all, enable you to gain experience for yourself. We are guided by natural rhythms and community processes within our group.

SinnZeit für Mädchen, Initiation ins Frau-Sein, JugendInitiation, sinnvoller Übergang ins Erwachsenenalter, von der Pubertät zur jungen Frau, MädcheninitiationWhat is the timing?

  • Getting to know: with parents / godmother chosen by the young person,
  • Warm up: weekend in nature (we sleep in the tent, cook by the fire, paint, dance, sing, do what we feel like and talk about the topics that move us),
  • Intense: we deepen selected topics, we use various creative methods and playful moments to approach them,
  • Outcome: we face an individual challenge: e.g. letting go of an aspect of childhood, doing something you are afraid of, showing yourself with something that is important to you ... a week in nature during the holidays,
  • Celebrate: we celebrate our time together, the challenges we have faced and the new personality we are now ... together with the parents / godparents.